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Oral Presentations

  • If selected for an oral presentation, your presentation slot will be 15 minutes in length, which includes presentation and discussion. Please plan on preparing a 12 minute oral presentation which leaves time for a 3 minute discussion period.
  • Invited speakers will be given a 20 minute slot for both presentation and discussion with the presentation length left to the discretion of the speaker (e.g. 16 minute oral presentation and 4 minutes for discussion).
  • Presentation order within sessions will be specified on the My Papers page and also listed in the program. Please note that presentation order may be changed any time prior to the start of the symposium.
  • All technical material must be presented via a University of Michigan laptop. All presentation laptops will be running Windows 10; there will be no Macs available for presentation or testing. All laptops will have Adobe Acrobat Reader XI, Microsoft Office 2016, and Google Chrome. The Kalamazoo Room must be used to test the presentations on an identical laptop and to upload the presentation onto the presentation laptop. Please create your presentation keeping in mind the software we are using.
  • Lydia Mendelssohn and Rackham(plenary speakers) both have standard 3 x 4 format for their screens. The screen in the Hussey room is widescreen.
  • All files should be loaded onto the presentation machine at least one session before your presentation session. The Kalamazoo Room will be setup for this purpose.
  • Backup your presentation on several forms of media. You may wish to use a USB drive, upload to the cloud, or email yourself the presentation for online access.
  • Presenting from personal machines or transparency / overhead projectors will not be available.

Poster Presentations

  • There will be 4 poster sessions which highlight a group of papers. Authors are required to be present near their posters for discussion with symposium attendees during the prescribed times.
  • All poster abstracts will be listed in the abstract book. Poster board locations will be identified by your assigned poster index and your previously assigned paper number (found at My Papers). Please note that poster indexes may be changed any time prior to the start of the symposium.
  • All poster boards will be located in the Ballroom of the Michigan League. All Posters must be put up before the individual poster session starts, and must be removed after each poster session. Please ensure that you post and remove your poster according to the poster session schedule.
  • - Posters for Session I can be put up in the morning of Tuesday, June 12, and should be removed by Tuesday evening.

    - Posters for Session II can be put up in the morning of Wednesday, June 13, and should be removed by Wednesday lunchtime

    - Posters for Session III can be put up in the afternoon of Wednesday, June 13, and should be removed by Wednesday evening.

    - Posters for Session IV can be put up in the morning of Thursday, June 14, and should be removed immediately following lunch on Thursday.

  • Poster boards are 3 feet wide and 4 feet tall (portrait orientation). Pushpins will be provided for affixing materials to poster boards.
Ballroom Layout