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Program for SORMA XVII

The following is a preliminary program of events for 2018.
The location is assumed to be at the Michigan League unless otherwise noted.
Starred paper titles (*) indicate invited authors / papers.

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Day Time Title Location Chair Forum
5:00-8:00 pmConference Registration
2nd Floor Concourse
6:00-8:00 pmOpening Reception
Hussey, Vandenberg, and Garden
7:30-5:00 pmConference Registration
2nd Floor Concourse
8:30-8:45 amWelcome!
Rackham Auditorium David Wehe
8:45-9:45 amPlenary I - Dark Matter Search and Liquid Xenon Detector Development
0495* Imaging Liquid Xenon Detectors for the Search of Dark Matter Weakly Interacting Massive Particles - Elena Aprile (Columbia University, USA)

The nature of the dark matter, a dominant component of the Universe, remains one of the most fundamental open question in physics today despite decades of experimental efforts. A leading class of dark matter candidates are Weakly Interacting Massive Particles (WIMPs) and direct detection experiments in deep underground laboratories around the world are actively searching for WIMPs with a variety of detectors and target materials. Liquid xenon detectors such as those developed by the XENON collaboration have shown the best detection capability for WIMPs with a mass larger than 10 GeV/c2 all the way to 100 TeV/c2 scale, which is way beyond the reach of the Large Hadron Collider. The current XENON1T experiment, the first to use several thousands of kilograms of Xe in the largest LXe dark matter detector realized to-date, is leading the field with the best detection sensitivity in the region predicted by popular theory models. I will discuss the status of the field and of the XENON1T experiment.
Rackham Auditorium David Wehe
9:45-10:45 amPlenary II - Modernizing the IAEA verification instrumentation
0497* Modernizing the IAEA verification instrumentation: Lessons from experience and vision to the future - Alain LeBrun (IAEA, France)

To draw safeguards conclusions, the IAEA continues to heavily rely on verification data acquired in the field by inspectors and data acquired continuously at facilities through unattended systems. Safeguards equipment and associated data collection software have evolved considerably over the last decade, during which new platforms and detectors have been introduced. A long list of new systems spans the main operating areas of safeguards instrumentation including optical surveillance, unattended monitoring, non-destructive assay, remote data transmission and containment. In addition to acquisition of new verification capabilities such as tomography, radiation imaging or fast neutron assay, modernization of the IAEA verification tools includes ongoing development of software packages able to automatically review and evaluate large sets of verification data including surveillance and radiation monitoring data. In partnership with Member State Support Programmes, research institutions and contractors, experts from the Division of Technical and Scientific services are managing multiple projects to continue modernizing the arsenal of technologies available for safeguards verification. Further, the IAEA is now implementing innovative approaches including technology crowd sourcing to identify and evaluate emerging technologies in use in other domains of research or industry that can contribute to improving safeguards verification effectiveness and efficiency. Through multiple examples the talk will address lessons learned from completed projects, highlight current development undertakings and describe the IAEA’s vision to future verification technologies.
Rackham Auditorium Zhong He
10:45-11:00 amCoffee Break
11:00-12:00 pmPlenary III - FRIB: The Path to Scientific Discovery
0494* FRIB: The Path to Scientific Discovery - Witold Nazarewicz (Michigan State University, USA)

The Facility for Rare Isotope Beams (FRIB) at MSU will be a world-leading laboratory for the study of nuclear structure, reactions, and astrophysics. FRIB will be essential for gaining access to key regions of the nuclear chart, where the measured nuclear properties will challenge established concepts. Nuclear theory will play a critical role in providing the intellectual framework for the science at FRIB. The long-term vision is to arrive at a comprehensive and unified description of nuclei and their reactions, grounded in the interactions between the constituent nucleons. In this talk, advances in rare isotope research will be reviewed in the context of the overarching scientific questions.
Rackham Auditorium David Wehe
12:00-1:30 pmLunch Break
On Own
1:30-3:00 pmScintillation Detectors I
1:30 pm - 0071*Advances in Scintillation Materials - Kanai Shah (RMD Inc, USA)
1:50 pm - 0032Organic Spectroscopic Scintillators based on Quantum Dot Nanocomposites - Qibing Pei (University of California at Los Angeles, United States)
2:05 pm - 0136Plastic scintillators produced in one day with efficient pulse shape discrimination and thermal neutron capture. - Alan Sellinger (Colorado School of Mines, USA)
2:20 pm - 0407Physical and Scintillation Degradation of Plastic Scintillators - Matthew Loyd (University of Tennessee, United States)
2:35 pm - 0332Characterization of the light output anisotropy of stilbene crystals - Robert Weldon (North Carolina State University, United States)
2:50 pm - 0496Relating light emission effects to molecular and crystal structure in organic scintillator materials - Patricia Schuster (University of Michigan, United States)
MendelssohnDavid Wehe
1:30-3:00 pmParticle/Photon Cancer Therapy, and Other Medical Imaging Applications
1:30 pm - 0047*Current and future needs for in vivo imaging and dose verification in proton beam radiotherapy. - Jerimy Polf (University of Maryland School of Medicine, United States)
1:50 pm - 0080Precision imaging of 4.4 MeV gamma rays using a 3-D position sensitive Compton camera - Jun Kataoka (Waseda University, Japan)
2:05 pm - 0085Detection Systems for Range Monitoring in Proton Therapy: Needs and Challenges - Guntram Pausch (Helmholtz Zentrum Dresden Rossendorf, Germany)
2:20 pm - 0240Neutron and charged particle trackers: scintillating fiber devices for particle therapy applications - Ilaria Mattei (INFN, Italy)
2:35 pm - 0128Monte Carlo code application to the study of 3D neutrons distribution in a radiotherapy bunker and validation with experimental measurements - belen juste (ISIRYM Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, Spain)
2:50 pm - 0101High-Resolution Compton Tomography for Small Animal Molecular Imaging - Ross Barnowski (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, USA)
HusseyLing-Jian Meng
3:00-4:00 pmPoster I - New Radiation Detectors
0043 - 01 - Scintillation properties of Eu-doped BaFBr crystal - Takayuki Yanagida (Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan)
0091 - 02 - Scintillation properties of Eu-doped SrF2 translucent ceramic - Takumi Kato (Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan)
0092 - 03 - X-ray induced luminescence properties of Ce-doped Ca3Sc2Si3O12 single crystal - Takumi Kato (Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan)
0109 - 04 - Crystal growth, crystal structure, optical and scintillation properties of self-activated Cs4YbI6 - Yuntao Wu (University of Tennessee, United States)
0110 - 05 - Improvement of europium doped strontium iodide scintillating crystals by aliovalent codoping - Yuntao Wu (University of Tennessee, United States)
0117 - 06 - Comparative study of scintillation properties of CsBr:Tl transparent ceramic and single crystal - Hiromi Kimura (Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan)
0119 - 07 - Scintillation characteristics of a heterogeneous composite detector in shards geometry - Tingshiuan Wu (University of Michigan, United States)
0120 - 08 - Development of two-dimensional quantum confinement material – (C6H5C2H4NH3)2Pb1-xSrxBr4 – for scintillation detectors - Masaki Akatsuka (Nara Institute Science and Technology, Japan)
0121 - 09 - Comparative study of Ce-doped Tb3Al5O12 crystal scintillators with different Ce-concentrations - Daisuke Nakauchi (Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan)
0122 - 10 - Comparative study of Eu-doped SrAl2O4 crystal and translucent ceramic for X- and gamma- ray measurements - Daisuke Nakauchi (Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan)
0123 - 11 - Auger-free luminescence characteristics of Cs(Ca1-xMgx)Cl3 - Keisuke Takahashi (Tohoku University, Japan)
0124 - 12 - Development of liquid scintillators based on mixed-organic solvents containing 6Li for neutron detection - Sae Arai (Tohoku university, Japan)
0176 - 13 - Radiochromic properties of organic films based on a diarylethene molecule - Masanori Koshimizu (Tohoku University, Japan)
0304 - 14 - New Scintillating Bolometer Crystals for Rare Particle Detection - Joshua Tower (Radiation Monitoring Devices, United States)
0328 - 15 - Monte Carlo simulation of CLYC-PVT composite scintillators for gamma/neutron detection - Frank Ruta (CapeSym Inc, United States)
0398 - 16 - Characterization of a ø1”×3” CLYC Crystal - Eric Becker (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, United States)
0426 - 17 - Position sensitive scintillation detector using polymer-based plastics and pulse shape analysis - Michael Aspinall (Lancaster University, United Kingdom)
0471 - 18 - Evaluation of PVT Scintillators for Fast Neutron Imaging - Ibrahim oksuz (The Ohio State University , United states)
0040 - 19 - Cherenkov Detectors for Gamma and Neutron Detection - Hattan Natto (Oregon State University, US)
0149 - 20 - Tensile, flexural, and light output measurements of selected organic scintillators for evaluation of their potential as structural materials - Caleb Redding (University of Tennessee Knoxville, United States of America)
0178 - 21 - Effect of Li+ codoping on (Lu0.75Y0.25)3Al5O12:Pr3+ single crystal scintillators - Camera Foster (Scintillation Materials Research Center, United States)
0195 - 22 - Sensitivity and Linearity of Optical Fiber Type Neutron Detector Using a Small Piece of 6Li-Based Scintillator - Akihisa Ishikawa (Nagoya University, Japan)
0268 - 23 - Development of a compact high-sensitivity SrI2(Eu)-based detector module - Ivan Khodyuk (CapeSym, United States)
0308 - 24 - Pulse Shape Discrimination in Organic Scintillators – The Role of Intersystem Crossing - Angela Di Fulvio (University of Michigan, United States)
0394 - 25 - Growth and scintillation properties of Cs2LiYCl6 crystals doped with different Ce3+ concentration - Guohao Ren (Shanghai institute of ceramics, China)
0418 - 26 - Temperature Response and Radiation Damage Effects on Potassium Strontium Iodide - Callie Goetz (University of Tennessee, USA)
0335 - 27 - Alkali-Free Ce-Doped and Co-Doped Fluorophosphate Glasses for Future HEP Experiments - Chen Hu (California Institute of Technology, United States)
0274 - 28 - Picosecond absorption spectroscopy of self-trapped excitons and Ce excited states in La(1-x)CexBr3 for x = 0.004% to 100% - Peiyun Li (Wake Forest University, United States)
0273 - 29 - High photoluminescence quantum yield and fast radiative lifetime from Cs4PbBr6 with CsPbBr3 nano-inclusions – prospects and issues as a scintillator - Junwei Xu (Wake Forest University, United States)
0165 - 30 - Crystal growth and scintillation performance of Cs_2_HfCl_6 - Stephanie Lam (CapeSym Inc, USA)
0377 - 31 - Picosecond absorption spectroscopy of excited BaBrCl with Eu and Au dopants - Richard Williams (Wake Forest University, US)
0087 - 32 - Scintillation properties and alpha-ray detection capabilities of thin-film plastic scintillators - Masanori Koshimizu (Tohoku University, Japan)
0197 - 33 - Growth and Characterization of Cesium Hafnium Bromochloride Free of Cracking and Coring - Cordell Delzer (University of Tennessee, USA)
0148 - 34 - Optimizing europium concentration in Cs4SrI6 and Cs4CaI6 Scintillators - Daniel Rutstrom (University of Tennessee Department of Materials Science and Engineering, United States)
0421 - 35 - Optical Properties and Emission Mechanism in TLYC Scintillator - Jarek Glodo (RMD, United States)
0046 - 36 - Structural characterization of La2O3 and Nb2O5 doped CeO2 simulant for UO2 towards solid-state direct-conversion neutron detectors - Christopher Shaver (University of Tennessee, United States)
0053 - 37 - Evaluation of LiCAF for neutron spectroscopy using SiPMs and portable electronics - Mike Ford (Air Force Institute of Technology, USA)
0074 - 38 - Advancements in Gd-based neutron detection: γ-γ quasi-coincidence approach - Jonathan Dumazert (CEA France, France)
0126 - 39 - Basic study on a LiF-Eu:CaF2 mixed power neutron scintillator - Kenichi Watanabe (Nagoya University, Japan)
0174 - 40 - Component Characterization for a Compact, Optically Segmented Neutron Double Scatter Camera - Andrew Druetzler (University of Hawaii, United States)
0391 - 42 - The potential of real-time, fast neutron and γ radiography to low-mass, solid-phase media - Mauro Licata (Lancaster University, United Kingdom)
0466 - 43 - Development of hot pressed lithium indium selenide for use as a ceramic radiation detector - Joseph Bell (Vanderbilt University, United States of America)
0130 - 44 - Thin-Film Neutron Detector Based on CdTe and Li-6 Layers - Alvin Compaan (Lucintech Inc, United States)
0155 - 45 - Hot pressed UO3 as candidate material for direct conversion solid-state neutron detector - Seth Lawson (University of Tennessee, United States)
0106 - 46 - Design and construction of sandwich pixelated detector prototype for dual-particle spectroscopic radiography - Kristofer Ogren (University of Michigan, USA)
0318 - 47 - Low-cost, high quality growth and characterization of MAPbBr3 perovskite single crystals - Jeremy Tisdale (University of Tennessee Knoxville, United States)
0406 - 48 - Gamma spectrum acquisition with Halide Perovskite - Lei Pan (The Ohio State University, United States)
0443 - 49 - Spectroscopic Radiation Detection Using Methylammonium Lead Iodide Perovskite Single Crystals Grown from Solution - Suneel Joglekar (University of Michigan, USA)
0322 - 50 - Methylammonium lead bromide: a low-cost organometallic semiconductor for radiation detection - Travis Smith (University of Tennessee, United States)
0244 - 51 - Development of large area Neganov-Luke phonon amplified light detectors for dark matter experiments - Jin A Jeon (Institute for Basic Science, Republic of Korea)
0279 - 52 - Compact phonon-scintillation detection system for rare event searches at low temperatures - Hyelim Kim (Institute for Basic Science, Korea)
0311 - 54 - Discriminating nuclear recoils from alpha particles using acoustic signatures in γ / β -blind tensioned metastable fluid detectors - Brian Archambault (Sagamore Adams Labs, United States)
0373 - 55 - The realization of high uniformity drift electric field with a compact field cage - Zhujun Fang (Tsinghua University, China)
0453 - 56 - Commissioning run of the Solenoid Spectrometer for Nuclear Astrophysics (SSNAP) at Notre Dame - Jacob Allen (University of Notre Dame, United States)
0458 - 57 - The Neutron Induced Fission Fragment Tracking Experiment: Precise Measurements of Fission Cross Section Ratios in a Time Projection Chamber - Nicholas Walsh (LLNL, US)
0177 - 58 - Simulation and fabrication of a scCVD diamond as a radiation detector and vacuum window - Xin Tong (McMaster University, Canada)
0077 - 59 - Operation of Microhexcavity Plasma Panels Detectors in Geiger and Avalanche Mode - Nicholas Ristow (university of michigan, US)
0339 - 60 - Diamond detectors for directly-imaged, high-speed proton radiography - Levi Neukirch (Los Alamos National Laboratory, United States)
0288 - 61 - Aramid-based nanocomposites for portable ionizing radiation detection - Drew Vecchio (University of Michigan, United States)
0438 - 62 - Ultrafast Waveguiding Quantum Dot Scintillation Detector - Katherine Dropiewski (SUNY Polytechnic Institute, United States of America)
0397 - 63 - Material defect study of thallium lead iodide (TlPbI3) crystals for radiation detector applications - Ge Yang (North Carolina State University, United States)
0470 - 64 - Using the Formation Mechanism of 2-D Superlattices from PbSe Nanocrystals and Nanocrystal Attachment to Improve Charge Carrier Transport of Semiconductors - Brandon Davis (University of Michigan, United States)
0491 - 65 - A New Semiconductor Radiation Detector CsPbBr3 - Duck Young Chung (Argonne National Laboratory, USA)
BallroomMark Hammig
4:00-5:30 pmSemiconductor Detectors I
4:00 pm - 0349*High performance CdZnTe for security applications - requirements for high volume production and experience Curve effects for improved cost competitiveness. - jason mackenzie (Redlen Technologies, Canada)
4:20 pm - 0058Temperature based gamma-ray event reconstruction in 3-D position-sensitive CdZnTe detectors - Jiawei Xia (University of Michigan, United States)
4:35 pm - 0051Halide Perovskite for New Generation X-ray and γ–ray Detectors - Haotong Wei (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA)
4:50 pm - 0267 6LiInSe2 Semiconductor Neutron Detector - Joshua Tower (Radiation Monitoring Devices, United States)
5:05 pm - 0163Resonant two-photon mapping of defect states in TlBr during aging under applied voltage - Drew Onken (Wake Forest University, United States)
5:20 pm - 0192The p-type point contact germanium detectors in CDEX experiments - LIPING JIA (Tsinghua University, China)
MendelssohnAlan Janos
4:00-5:30 pmNeutron Facility, Characterization, Detectors and Generators
4:00 pm - 0152New Neutron Beam Facilities Developments at the Penn State Breazeale Reactor (PSBR) - Kenan Unlu (Penn State University, USA)
4:15 pm - 0049Fission Neutron Angular Correlation Measurements and MCNP6.2 Simulations - Madison Andrews (LANL, USA)
4:30 pm - 0170 Fabrication and experimental evaluation of microstructured 6Li silicate fiber arrays for high spatial resolution neutron imaging - Michael Moore (University of Tennessee, USA)
4:45 pm - 0431Experimental and Predicted Performances of the Micro-Layered Fast-Neutron Detector - Priyarshini Ghosh (Kansas State University, United States)
5:00 pm - 0129Inverse Problem Approach for the underwater localization of Fukushima Daiichi fuel debris with fission chambers - Jonathan Dumazert (CEA France, France)
5:15 pm - 0313Niowave Neutron Interrogation System - Valeriia Starovoitova (Niowave Inc, USA)
HusseyMark Wrobel
6:00-9:00 pmConference Reception
University of Michigan Museum of Art
7:30-5:00 pmConference Registration
2nd Floor Concourse
8:00-9:30 amNeutron Detectors II
8:00 am - 0401Single-photon detection performance for neutron imager development - Erik Brubaker (Sandia National Laboratories, USA)
8:15 am - 0305 Characterization of Deuterated-stilbene (stilbene-d12) for Neutron Spectroscopy - Angela Di Fulvio (University of Michigan, United States)
8:30 am - 0473Directional fast neutron detection based on neutron time projection chamber and plastic scintillation detectors - Yidong Fu (Tsinghua University, China)
8:45 am - 0326Demonstration of coded-aperture fast neutron imaging based on Timepix detector - Clement LYNDE (CEA, France)
9:00 am - 0035A comparative study of scintillators for ultracold neutron detection - Zhehui Wang (Los Alamos National Lab, USA)
9:15 am - 0449Improved Manufacturing and Performance of the Microstructured Semiconductor Neutron Detector - Taylor Ochs (Kansas State University, United States)
MendelssohnDonny Hornback
8:00-9:30 amPET, SPECT and Other Medical Imaging Techniques
8:00 am - 0493*Trends and opportunities in nuclear medicine imaging - Todd Peterson (Vanderbilt University Medical Center, US)
8:20 am - 0324The Hybrid Cerenkov-Charge Induction Readout TlBr Detector - Gerard Arino Estrada (University of California Davis, USA)
8:35 am - 0414Development of a MR insert PET detector using strip-line signal readout - Heejong Kim (University of Chicago, US)
8:50 am - 0341System Modeling and Evaluation of a Prototype Inverted-Compound Eye - Xiaochun Lai (University of Illinois Urbana and Champaign, USA)
9:05 am - 0461A Broadband X-ray Fluorescence Emission Tomography Imaging System Utilizing Small-Pixel Ultra-High Resolution CdTe Detectors - Jonathan George (University of Illinois, United States)
9:20 am - 0371Edge-illuminated semiconductor x-ray and gamma-ray detectors for medical imaging - William Barber (Rapiscan SYstems, US)
HusseyKanai Shah
9:30-10:30 amPoster II - Radiation Measurement Techniques
0444 - 01 - Experimental Validation of a Scintillator-Based, Cosmic-ray Muon Tomography Proof-of-Concept System for Dry Nuclear Fuel Storage Cask Monitoring - can liao (oregon state university, United States)
0379 - 02 - Shielding a Monoenergetic Photon Source for Nonproliferation Applications Analysis - Cameron Miller (University of Michigan, United States)
0162 - 03 - Characterization of Rotating Scatter Mask Designs for Novel Applications in Photon Detection - Robert Olesen (Air Force Institute of Technology, USA)
0068 - 04 - FRAMv5.2 Estimation of Plutonium and Uranium Isotopics using Digitized 3-D Position-Sensitive CdZnTe Detectors - David Goodman (University of Michigan, United States)
0167 - 05 - Measurement and Analysis of Beta-ray Spectra at CANDU Reactors - Faraz Bohra (McMaster University, Canada)
0234 - 06 - Study, fabrication and test of a special cooling system for targets submitted to intense ion beams - Vittoria Capirossi (Politecnico di Torino, Italia)
0245 - 07 - Double Photon Emission Coincidence Imaging with GAGG-SiPM Compton Camera - Mizuki Uenomachi (The University of Tokyo, Japan)
0254 - 08 - Design of a photoneutron source for Bragg edge transmission imaging - LU LU (Tsinghua Univirsity, China)
0269 - 09 - Gamma-Ray Yield Measurement of 12C(p,p')12C at Ep=19.5 - 30 MeV: Preliminary Results from NaI(Tl) - Felicia Sutanto (University of Michigan, USA)
0289 - 10 - Production and Detection of Radioxenon for Nuclear Explosion Monitoring - Valeriia Starovoitova (Niowave Inc, USA)
0321 - 11 - Elemental and Structural Characterization of Scale Deposition in Oil Pipes using X-Ray Microfluorescence and Computed Microtomography - Davi Oliveira (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
0353 - 13 - Standoff Enrichment Analysis of UF6 Cylinders - Bonnie Canion (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA)
0392 - 14 - Transfer of the Oak Ridge Enge Split-Pole Spectrograph to Notre Dame - Patrick OMalley (University of Notre Dame, United States)
0432 - 15 - Non-destructive Inspection of laminated joints of pipe in polymeric composite material reinforced by fiberglass - Cintia Ferreira (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
0433 - 16 - Evaluation of root canal retreatment quality through of microCT - Thais Santos (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
0190 - 17 - Autonomous UAV-Based Radiation Inspection and Mapping of Radiological Contamination - John Bird (Virginia Tech, United States)
0314 - 18 - Continuous and Unattended Spectroscopic Operation and Analysis with the Mirion Data Analyst - Amol Patil (Mirion Canberra, USA)
0338 - 19 - Artificial Neural Network Algorithms for Classification and Recovery of Piled-up Pulses in Active Interrogation of Special Nuclear Material - Angela Di Fulvio (University of Michigan, United States)
0159 - 20 - Effects of Clutter During Radiation Measurements - Michael Willis (UT Battelle, United States)
0456 - 21 - Detector Characterization for Quantitative Spectral Radiography of Uranium Powder Samples - Dustin Kasparek (PNNL, United States)
0090 - 22 - Development of a Gamma-ray/Neutron Dual-particle Imager based on a CLYC-based Rotational Modulation Collimator (RMC) System - Geehyun Kim (Sejong University, Korea)
0082 - 23 - Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy via Measurement of Angular Distribution of Compton Scattering - Andrew Wilhelm (University of Michigan, USA)
0166 - 24 - Optimization of a LaBr3(Ce) spectrometer for high rate gamma-ray spectrometry at CANDU reactors - Andre Laranjeiro (McMaster University, Canada)
0229 - 25 - A neural network approach for identification of gamma emitting radionuclides with silicon photomultipliers - Seungho Jhung (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Republic of Korea)
0337 - 26 - A Comparison of Machine Learning Methods for Automated Gamma-ray Spectroscopy - Mark Kamuda (University of Illinois UIUC, United States of America)
0467 - 27 - Quantification of the Systematic Uncertainty in Measuring a Chance Coincidence Background - Jaime Gomez (Los Alamos National Laboratory, United States)
0448 - 28 - Optical and Scintillation Properties of Ultrafast Inorganic Scintillators for GHz Hard X-Ray Imaging - Chen Hu (California Institute of Technology, United States)
0376 - 29 - Correlation between pulse shape and pulse height in gamma events at the same energy - prospects for improving resolution - Sergii Gridin (Wake Forest University, USA)
0352 - 30 - Design of a prototype radioxenon detection system using stilbene and CdZnTe - Harish Gadey (Oregon State University, United States of America)
0331 - 31 - Image quality characterization using Presampled-MTF for a neutron imaging system composed of 6Li loaded ZnS detector and CCD camera at different flux locations of the UFTR - Surafel Woldegiorgis (University of Florida, United States)
0206 - 32 - Development of a high frame rate neutron imaging method for two-phase flows - Chad Lani (The Pennsylvania State University, United States)
0248 - 33 - Passive neutron measurement by neutron coincidence counting using neutron/gamma discriminating plastic scintillators - Clement LYNDE (CEA, France)
0270 - 34 - A Monte-Carlo simulation method for the research of self-powered neutron detectors - Tongyuan Cui (Tsinghua University, China)
0285 - 35 - Investigation of A Model Based Reconstruction Technique for Neutron Tomography at the PULSTAR Reactor - Arka Datta (North Carolina State University, United States)
0334 - 36 - Pulse Height Spectra Analysis of an Energy Tuning Assembly - James Bevins (Air Force Institute of Technology, US)
0388 - 37 - Pre-deployment characterization of large fast neutron detectors for high performance computing fault characterization - Elinor Mullin (Los Alamos National Laboratory, United States)
0408 - 38 - Experimental plan for the verification of a neutron imaging technique incorporating compressed sensing in the collimator design - Nuraslinda Anuar (TAMU, United States)
0419 - 39 - Neutron flux measurements in the beam ports of the University of Florida Training Reactor after the HEU to LEU fuel conversion - Jyothier Kumar Nimmagadda (University of Florida, United States)
0423 - 40 - Design and development of an External Fast Neutron Beam Facility at The Ohio State University Research Reactor - Andrew Zapp (The Ohio State University, USA)
0044 - 41 - Neutron and gamma-ray Pulse shape discrimination of LiAlO2 and LiGaO2 crystals - Takayuki Yanagida (Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan)
0486 - 42 - Thermal Neutron Detectors for Radiation Sensing Using UAVs - Matthew Carver (Los Alamos National Laboratory, United States)
0366 - 43 - A review of the prompt neutron nu-bar value for 252Cf spontaneous fission - RAMKUMAR VENKATARAMAN (Oak Ridge National Laboratory, United States of America)
0365 - 44 - The Specific (Α n) Production Rate for 234U in UF6 - RAMKUMAR VENKATARAMAN (Oak Ridge National Laboratory, United States of America)
0359 - 45 - Applications of C7LYC Scintillators in Fast Neutron Spectroscopy* - Partha Chowdhury (University of Massachusetts Lowell, USA)
0161 - 46 - Quantifying the determinants of leakage multiplication for large uranium objects using Monte Carlo simulations - Matthew Tweardy (University of Tennessee Knoxville, United States)
0142 - 47 - Measurement of neutron and gamma-ray cross-correlation functions with 4He detectors - Yinong Liang (University of Florida, United States)
0306 - 48 - Multiplicity Detection of Low-Fluence Neutron Sources using CTMFDs - Tom Grimes (ORISE, United States)
0367 - 49 - Development of an Ir transition edge sensor for near infrared single photon counting - Yoshitaka Miura (The University of Tokyo, Japan)
0230 - 50 - Beta Radionuclide Identification by using a Phoswich Detector and Energy-weighted Algorithm - Kim Jinhwan (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Republic of Korea)
0356 - 51 - Progress towards ultrafast detectors for GHz hard X-ray imaging - Junqi Xie (Argonne National Laboratory, US)
0464 - 52 - Simulated Spectral Responses of Thin Planar-Type Radiation Detectors by Tracking Primary Electrons from the Gamma-ray Interaction - JAEHYO KIM (Sejong university, South Korea)
0439 - 53 - SiPM-based Compact Time-of-Flight Detector Using Cherenkov Glass - Mark Bourne (University of Michigan, United States)
0469 - 54 - A New, Versatile, High-performance Digital Pulse Processor with Application to Neutron/Gamma-Ray Pulse-Shape Discrimination in Scintillator Detectors - Andreas Ruben (WIENER Plein Baus Corp, United States)
0479 - 55 - Prototype Design of Pulse Digitalization Base for Photomultiplier Tube with Single Cable - Tao Xue (Tsinghua University, China)
0372 - 56 - Temperature dependence of neutron detectors using LiCaAlF6 scintillators - Noriaki Kawaguchi (Nara Institute of Science and Technology, JAPAN)
0052 - 57 - Flexible silicon-based alpha particle detector - David Jenkins (University of York, United Kingdom)
0395 - 58 - Time resolved nuclear spectroscopy - exploring new dimension in scintillation characterization - Weronika Wolszczak (TU Delft, The Netherlands)
0056 - 59 - Engineering of well conditions to improve the responsivity of p-on-n SiPM for blue light detection - Kyung Taek Lim (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Republic of Korea)
0179 - 60 - Low Energy Light Yield of Fast Plastic Scintillators - Thibault Laplace (UC Berkeley, USA)
0381 - 61 - Development and Evaluation of CeBr3 and GAGG array with SiPMs for Compton and PET imager - Kenji SHIMAZOE (The University of Tokyo, Japan)
BallroomShaun Clarke
10:30-12:00 pmRoom-Temperature Semiconductor Detectors
10:30 am - 0422*Development of position-sensitive virtual Frisch-grid CdZnTe detectors - Aleksey Bolotnikov (BNL, US)
10:50 am - 0424*Study of the impact of CZT detector characteristics on imaging performance - Guillaume MONTEMONT (CEA, France)
11:10 am - 0347Development and Performance of the A400 RIID - Christopher Wahl (HED Inc, United States)
11:25 am - 0172Performance and longevity of pixelated TlBr arrays - Paul Bennett (RMD Inc, usa)
11:40 am - 0294Stable Thallium Bromide Detectors for PRD and SPRD Applications - Amlan Datta (CapeSym Inc, United States)
MendelssohnMarc Black
10:30-12:00 pmAlgorithms and Modeling
10:30 am - 0065*Event-by-Event Fission Modeling with FREYA - Ramona Vogt (LLNL, USA)
10:50 am - 0067First Steps Toward Validating Computed Muon Tomography with the CRIPT Detector - Evan Rand (Canadian Nuclear Laboratories, Canada)
11:05 am - 0143Alpha and beta detection capabilities of an environmental continuous air monitoring system - Eric Becker (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, United States)
11:20 am - 0301Bayesian unfolding of elementary particle spectra in mixed beta-gamma fields - Andrei Hanu (Bruce Power, Canada)
11:35 am - 0361Machine learning n/γ discrimination in CLYC scintillators* - Partha Chowdhury (University of Massachusetts Lowell, USA)
11:50 am - 0375Quantifiaction of systematic uncertainties from experimental environments - Keegan Kelly (Los Alamos National Laboratory, United States)
HusseySara Pozzi
12:00-1:30 pmLunch Break
On Own
1:30-3:00 pmInorganic Scintillation Detectors
1:30 pm - 0108Zero-dimensional Cs4EuX6 (X=Br, I) All-Inorganic Perovskite Single Crystals for Gamma-ray Spectroscopy - Yuntao Wu (University of Tennessee, United States)
1:45 pm - 0164High-performance composite scintillators for gamma/neutron detection - Stephanie Lam (CapeSym Inc, USA)
2:00 pm - 0460 KSr1.3Ba0.7I5(Eu): A New Ultra-high Light Yield Scintillator with 2.2% Energy Resolution - Luis Stand (University of Tennessee, United States)
2:15 pm - 0150Identification of internal radioactive contaminants in elpasolites (CLYC, CLLB, CLLBC) and other inorganic scintillators - Richard Woolf (US Naval Research Laboratory, USA)
2:30 pm - 0476Radiation Hardness and Scintillation properties for Ce:GAGG and Ce:La-GPS Crystals - Shunsuke Kurosawa (Tohoku University and Yamagata University, Japan)
2:45 pm - 0327Low-cost, Multi-mode Detector Solutions - Urmila Shirwadkar (Radiation Monitoring Devices Inc, USA)
MendelssohnIgor Jovanovic
1:30-3:00 pmGamma-Ray Imaging Systems
1:30 pm - 0459*3D Gamma-ray Mapping from the Ground to the Air - Andrew Haefner (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, United States)
1:50 pm - 0185Rotating Scatter Mask Optimization for Gamma Source Direction Identification - Darren Holland (Cedarville University, United States)
2:05 pm - 0292Use of Pencil Beam Backscatter Radiography to Image Buried Root Structures - James Baciak (University of Florida, USA)
2:20 pm - 0102Hard X-ray imaging using monolithic active pixel sensors (MAPS) - Xuan Li (Los Alamos National Lab, USA)
2:35 pm - 0370 Development of assembly method of scintillator arrays consisting of Eu:SrI2 - Masao Yoshino (Tohoku University, Japan)
2:50 pm - 0446Activity quantification of caesium-137 sources in environmental media using the GRI Compton camera - Thomas Woodroof (University of Liverpool, United Kingdom)
HusseyKai Vetter
3:00-4:00 pmPoster III - Medical and Environmental Applications
0054 - 01 - Radiation shielding analysis for the A-BNCT facility - EUNJOONG LEE (KAIST, Republic of Korea)
0072 - 02 - TBI Commissioning Using Radiocromic Film And Ionization Chamber - Priscila Marins (Universidade Tecnologica Federal do Parana, Brasil)
0201 - 03 - Optimization of Gamma-ray Detectors in Neutron-Induced Gamma-ray Spectroscopy for Geophysical Applications - Jihye Jeon (Sejong University, Republic of Korea)
0221 - 04 - The development and optimization design for X-ray laser - Tsung Ter Kuo (Yuanpei University of Medical Technology , Taiwan ROC)
0226 - 05 - Radiation Hardened Charge-Sensitive Amplifier Survived up to 2 Mrad by proposed Layout techniques and Size Optimization - CHANGYEOP LEE (KAIST, Republic of Korea)
0277 - 06 - Measurement of the Spatio-Spectral Distribution of Secondary Neutrons with 4He Gas Scintillation Detectors at a Proton Therapy Facility - Jyothier Kumar Nimmagadda (University of Florida, United States)
0282 - 07 - Instrumentation for a High-Altitude Dosimeter using PSD Plastic Scintillator - Scott MacEwan (Bubble Technology Industries, Canada)
0296 - 08 - Impact of channel configurations on bandwidth of a cross-strip electrode with multiple ASICs - Sheng Yang (University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, United States)
0346 - 09 - Niowave Uranium Target Assembly - Valeriia Starovoitova (Niowave Inc, USA)
0430 - 10 - Nondestructive Assessment of Transportation Fuel Cask using Time-Tagged Neutron Interrogations - Zhihua Liu (University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, United States)
0249 - 11 - A new positron-gamma phoswich detector based on wavelength discrimination - MUHAMMAD NASIR Ullah (Korea University, South Korea)
0220 - 12 - Characterization of Thin TlBr Detectors for Intense Radiation Fields - Mitsuhiro Nogami (Tohoku University, Japan)
0238 - 13 - Ruggedized HPGe detectors for in-situ gamma spectroscopy - Vlad Marian (Mirion Technologies CANBERRA, France)
0265 - 14 - Development and image quality of indirect X-ray CMOS flat panel detector with novel readout method for medical applications - Bo Kyung Cha (KERI, Republic of Korea)
0084 - 15 - Imaging of plutonium particles using an EMCCD-camera-based alpha-particle imaging system - Yuki Morishita (Japan Atomic Energy Agency, Japan)
0086 - 16 - Image denoising with conditional generative adversarial networks (cGAN) in low dose chest radiography - HEE JOUNG KIM (Yonsei University, South Korea)
0134 - 17 - The research of bi-modal imaging method with a photoneutron source - Yigang Yang (Tsinghua University, China)
0242 - 18 - Performance Estimation of Gamma Electron Vertex Imaging (GEVI) System for Proton Therapy Monitoring - Han rim Lee (KAERI, Republic of Korea)
0243 - 19 - Sparse-view virtual monochromatic CT imaging using a dictionary-learning based reconstruction algorithm - GUNA KIM (Yonsei University, Republic of korea)
0255 - 20 - X-ray imaging quality of the CMOS X-ray flat panel detector in different modes of dental CT system - Changwoo Seo (Yonsei University Department of Radiological Science, Republic of Korea)
0262 - 21 - Performance evaluation of a prototype mobile C-arm CT system with high-resolution X-ray flat panel detector - Bo Kyung Cha (KERI, Republic of Korea)
0276 - 22 - Study of 3D Fast Compton Camera Image Reconstruction Method by Algebraic Spatial Sampling - Zhiyang Yao (Tsinghua University, China)
0280 - 23 - Triple-interaction events selection for prompt gamma emission reconstruction during proton therapy - Haijian Chen (Department of Radiation Oncology University of Maryland School of Medicine, USA)
0284 - 24 - Image Reconstruction for Rotational Modulation Collimator (RMC) Using Non Local Means (NLM) Denoising Filter - sohyeon park (seoultech, Republic of Korea)
0435 - 25 - Performance of the Gamma Ray Industrial Process Tomography used for Characterization of the Vesicular Igneous Rock - Alexandre Franca Velo (Instituto de Pesquisas Energeticas e Nucleares, Brazil)
0441 - 26 - DIGITAL ROCK ANALYSIS USING MICROCT AND FLUID FLOW SIMULATIONS IN COQUINA SAMPLE - Thais Santos (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
0462 - 27 - Fruit PET: 3-D imaging of carbon distribution in fruit using OpenPET - Keisuke Kurita (National Institutes for Quantum and Radiological Science and Technology, Japan)
0478 - 29 - Increasing the Efficiency of Lens Coupled MeV Radiography - Jacob Mendez (LANL, United States)
0380 - 30 - Determination of oil and water in drilled bore cores via fast-neutron resonance transmission radiography - David Vartsky (Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel)
0097 - 31 - A novel estimation method of water-equivalent thicknesses of secondary particle tracks using secondary electron bremsstrahlung emitted from therapeutic ion beams for attenuation correction - Mitsutaka Yamaguchi (National Institutes for Quantum and Radiological Science and Technology, Japan)
0107 - 32 - Lead Rubber as an Effective Substitute of Electron Beam Bolus in Electron Beam Therapy - Ing Ming Hwang (Shu Zen Senior College of Medicine and Management, ROC)
0199 - 33 - A Consideration for Interpretation of between scatter degradation factor and image quality according to beam-hardening in medical radiography - KYOTAE KIM (International University of Korea, Republic of Korea)
0342 - 34 - Sterilization and Advanced Manufacturing Using Superconducting Electron Linacs - Valeriia Starovoitova (Niowave Inc, USA)
0374 - 35 - Mechanical x-ray (MEXRAY) generator for MeV radiography - Nicola Winch (Los Alamos National Laboratory, United States)
0455 - 36 - Elemental distribution of benign prostatic hyperplasia cell line using synchrotron X-ray microfluorescence - Roberta Leitao (UFRJ, Brazil)
0158 - 37 - The Classification and Identification of Tumor and Normal Breast Tissues Using a Comparison of Two X-ray Fluorescence and X-ray Diffraction Techniques - Duaa Alaroui (McMaster University, Canada)
0211 - 38 - Using an On-board Cone-beam Computed Tomography Scanner as a Reading Modality for Gel Dosimetry: a feasibility study - Yan Lin Liu (National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan)
0213 - 39 - Application of compressible breast phantoms on the estimation of average glandular dose in mammography - ruei chi lin (far eastern memorial hospital, Taiwan)
0214 - 40 - Three-Dimensional Dose Evaluation of the Blood Irradiator using Monte Carlo Simulation and MAGAT gel dosimeter - Yan Lin Liu (National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan)
0217 - 41 - Noise reduction filtering in CT polymer gel dosimetry: comparison MDCT and CBCT - Yu Cheng Kuo (China Medical University Hospital, Taiwan)
0218 - 42 - CBCT polymer gel dosimetry for pretreatment verification in adaptive radiation therapy - Chia Jung Tsai (Chung Shan Medical University , Taiwan)
0247 - 43 - Study of radon exhalation as a function of soil water content - belen juste (ISIRYM Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, Spain)
0261 - 44 - Estimation for Radiation Dose and Risk of exposure induced cancer death based on EOS imaging system - Chia Hui Chen (Central Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan)
0415 - 45 - Radiation dosimetry using thermoluminescence of Nd doped LiYF4 single crystals - Noriaki Kawaguchi (Nara Institute of Science and Technology, JAPAN)
0232 - 46 - Radiation damage evaluation of the optical fiber type OSL small size dosimeter using for the radiotherapy dosimetry - Yuho Hirata (Nagoya University, Japan)
0105 - 47 - A Radiation Distribution Modeling for Development of Mobile Diagnostic Radiography with Low Dose Exposure - Yoonsuk Huh (Samsung Electronics, South Korea)
0203 - 48 - Radon Distribution Modelling in the Typical Vietnamese Building Based on CFD Code - Sy Minh Tuan Hoang (Duy Tan University, Vietnam)
BallroomPatricia Schuster
4:00-5:30 pmNonproliferation, Safeguards, and Homeland Security
4:00 pm - 0489*Associated Particle Imaging: History, Recent Advances, and Research Needs - Jason Hayward (University of Tennessee, USA)
4:20 pm - 0485*Nontraditional detectors in nonproliferation and security - Anna Erickson (Georgia tech, USA)
4:40 pm - 0063Use of Active Neutron Interrogation Post-Irradiation Decay Kinetics to Assess Fissionable Assemblies - David Chichester (Idaho National Laboratory, USA)
4:55 pm - 0425High-order angular correlation of californium-252 fission neutrons and the effect of detector crosstalk - Rashed Sarwar (Lancaster Univeristy, United Kingdom)
5:10 pm - 0315Multiple Monoenergetic Gamma Radiography for Nuclear Smuggling Detection in Commercial Cargo - Brian Henderson (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United States)
MendelssohnSara Pozzi
4:00-5:30 pmDetector Electronics and Signal Processing
4:00 pm - 0286Digital Pulse Deconvolution With Adaptive Shaping For Real-Time High-Resolution High-Throughput Gamma Spectroscopy - Shefali Saxena (North Carolina State University, United States)
4:15 pm - 0312Development and applications of miniature TDCR acquisition system for in-situ radionuclide metrology - Valentin Jordanov (LABZY, USA)
4:30 pm - 0316Front-End ASIC for Germanium Strip Detectors - Eric Wulf (Naval Research Laboratory, USA)
4:45 pm - 0389A PET detector performance evaluation platform with FPGA-based 1-bit sigma-delta modulation readout electronics - Xinyi Cheng (UT Southwestern Medical Center, USA)
5:00 pm - 0363 Microstructural Engineering of the Near-UV Quantum Efficiency in VO2 Thin Film Based Neutron Detectors - Jason Creeden (The College of William and Mary, United States)
5:15 pm - 0412Improvement of MRPC time reconstruction based on neural network algorithm - Fuyue Wang (Tsinghua University, China)
HusseyGianluigi De Geronimo
6:00-9:00 pmConference Dinner
Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation The Spirit of Henry Ford
7:30-5:00 pmConference Registration
2nd Floor Concourse
8:00-9:30 amNonproliferation, National and Homeland Security Applications
8:00 am - 0488*Current and Future Radiation Detection Development and Procurement Programs at the Joint Product Leader for Radiological and Nuclear Defense - Kristen Purvis (JPdL RND, USA)
8:20 am - 0182End user experience with the SCoTSS Compton imager and directional survey spectrometer - Laurel Sinclair (Natural Resources Canada and Carleton University, Canada)
8:35 am - 0299Adaptive, Multi-Energy Computed Tomography (AMECT) for Security Inspection System - Anatoli Arodzero (RadiaBeam Technologies, USA)
8:50 am - 0320PIPS-CZT: A Compact, Low-Cost Atmospheric Radioxenon Detection System - Steven Czyz (Oregon State University, United States)
9:05 am - 0484Characterization of a Low Background Proportional Counter for a High Throughput Argon-37 Collection and Measurement System - Thomas Alexander (Battelle for Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA)
9:20 am - 0156Comparison of Pulse Shape Discrimination Performance of Stilbene and Liquid Scintillator under High Count-Rate Conditions - Willem Langeveld (Rapiscan Systems, United States)
MendelssohnZhong He
8:00-9:30 amUnconventional Radiation Detectors and Techniques
8:00 am - 0445*Liquid Xenon Detectors: New Developments and Applications in Dark Matter Detection, Neutrino Physics, and Homeland Security - Daniel McKinsey (UC Berkeley, USA)
8:20 am - 0307*A large-scale demonstration of scalable TES microcalorimeter readout: The SLEDGEHAMMER gamma-ray spectrometer - Dan Becker (University of Colorado, USA)
8:40 am - 0222Determination of individual L-X-ray line emission intensities in the decay of Cm-244 with a high energy resolution metallic magnetic calorimeter - riham mariam (CEA LNHB, France)
8:55 am - 0442A frequency coded source using transmission nuclear resonance fluorescence for isotope identification and assay - Ruaridh Macdonald (MIT, United States)
9:10 am - 0399Measurement of Muon-induced Fast Neutrons from Surrounding Rock in the WATCHBOY detector - Felicia Sutanto (University of Michigan, USA)
HusseyIgor Jovanovic
9:30-10:30 amPoster IV - Physics, Security Applications, and Signal Processing
0160 - 01 - Radiological Isotopic Categorization using Modern Machine Learning - Emma Hague (Remote Sensing Laboratory Andrews, United States)
0093 - 02 - Pulse shape discrimination with a low-cost digitizer using commercial off-the-shelf components - Matthew Recker (Air Force Institute of Technology, USA)
0096 - 03 - Investigating the Non-ideal Behavior of Amptek A111 Charge Sensitive Preamplifier & Discriminator Boards Used in Common Safeguards Neutron Coincidence Counters - Angela Simone (University of Tennessee, USA)
0210 - 04 - Low Cost Current Mode Data Acquisition Board - SHUANG CUI (University of Florida, United States)
0215 - 05 - A Channel Number Reduction Technique for SiPM Sensor Arrays by Using a Unity-Gain Amplifier - Inyong Kwon (KAERI, South Korea)
0264 - 06 - RHBD Techniques to Minimize TID Effects from High Radiation Dose in Digital Integrated Circuits - Sunghoon Kim (Seoul National University, Republic of Korea)
0340 - 07 - Development of an Efficient Multiplexing Scheme for Multichannel Detection Systems Based on Organic Scintillators and Silicon Photomultipliers - Marc Wonders (Pennsylvania State University, USA)
0410 - 08 - Bayesian unmixing algorithms for identification of gamma sources using radiation portal monitors - Yoann Altmann (Heriot Watt University, United Kingdom)
0437 - 09 - Application of Convolutional Neural Networks to Radiation Detection: An Empirical Study - Carl Britt (University of Tennessee Knoxville, United States of America)
0364 - 10 - Evaluation of Covariant Behavior of Experimental Quantities through Statistical Analysis of Matched Pairs of Pulse Height Data - RAMKUMAR VENKATARAMAN (Oak Ridge National Laboratory, United States of America)
0354 - 11 - On the Fabrication and Characterization of Heterogeneous Composite Neutron Detector with Triple-Pulse-Shape-Discrimination Capability - Albert Foster (Pennsylvania State University, United States)
0383 - 12 - Development of a Sub-Miniature Gamma Camera for Multimodal Imaging System - Young Jun Jung (Korea University, Republic of Korea)
0393 - 13 - Real-time performance analysis and parameter optimization for spectral anomaly detection - Rebecca Detwiler (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA)
0140 - 14 - Comparison of gamma ray localization using system matrixes obtained by either MCNP Simulations or Ray-driven Calculations for Coded-aperture imaging systems - Manhee Jeong (University of Michigan, USA)
0048 - 15 - Applications of Principal Component Analysis for Energy Reconstruction in Position-Sensitive Semiconductor Detectors - Bennett Williams (University of Michigan, United States)
0452 - 16 - Improving spatial reconstruction algorithms for near-field imaging - Timothy Jacomb Hood (Texas AM University, USA)
0454 - 17 - Near-field 3D Spherical Active Coded Aperture Gamma-ray Imaging - Daniel Hellfeld (University of California Berkeley, USA)
0480 - 18 - Design and Construction of MATADOR: An Adaptive Time Encoded Imaging System - Niral Shah (University of Michigan, United States)
0472 - 19 - Developing of Dual Radiation Rotating Scattering Mask to Detect and Localize Neutron and Gamma Sources - Eric Steinfelds (Western Kentucky University, United States)
0198 - 20 - A coded aperture imager with DOI scintillators: Monte Carlo simulation - Wonho Lee (Korea University, South Korea)
0066 - 21 - A Study on the Construction Method of Color X-ray Image Using Different Energy Domain Images Obtained by Applying Different Filters - Giyoon Kim (KAIST, Republic of Korea )
0387 - 22 - Scintillator Performance for Fast Neutron Transmission Radiography at the Los Alamos Neutron Science Center - Amanda Madden (Los Alamos National Laboratory, United States)
0236 - 23 - Development of 4π sensitive Compton gamma imaging for detection of radioactive materials - Kohei Uema (Nagoya University, Japan)
0404 - 24 - Gamma-Ray Tracking for High Energy Gamma-ray Imaging in Pixelated CdZnTe - Daniel Shy (University of Michigan, US)
0474 - 25 - Characterization of a Large-Area iQID Imager for Safeguards Applications - Ardelia Clarke (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory , United States)
0325 - 26 - Uranium enrichment determination using long-lived delayed neutron time emission - Jason Nattress (University of Michigan, United States)
0188 - 27 - Information driven safeguards approach for spent fuel dry cask storage using a new remote monitoring system - athena sagadevan (Center for Nuclear Security Science and Policy Initiatives Texas AM university, United States)
0358 - 28 - Nuclear disarmament verification via resonant phenomena - Jake Hecla (UC Berkeley , USA)
0099 - 29 - Prompt Fission Neutron Anisotropy in Low-Multiplying Subcritical Pu Metal Assemblies - Tony Shin (University of Michigan, USA)
0157 - 30 - Algorithm development for the non destructive assay of nuclear waste - Kevin Tree (University of Liverpool, United Kingdom)
0317 - 31 - Detection of U-235 in uranium dioxide using TMFDs in active neutron interrogation and implications for HEU interdiction - Alexander Hagen (Purdue University Nuclear Engineering, United States of America)
0278 - 32 - Verification and Validation of Atmospheric Transport Models with the UF Training Reactor - Gabriel Sandler (University of Florida, Alachua)
0260 - 33 - Measurement Challenges and Approaches in Cargo Scanning to Clear SNM with a 9 MV Bremsstrahlung Beam - Jason Hayward (University of Tennessee, USA)
0205 - 34 - A PIXE/PIGE Facility at the 2-MV KIST Tandem Ion Accelerator: Design and Simulations - Sy Minh Tuan Hoang (Duy Tan University, Vietnam)
0133 - 35 - Enrichment and Multiplication Estimation of Shielded Uranium Assemblies Under Active Interrogation Using Inverse Methods - Aaron Nowack (University of Tennessee Knoxville, United States)
0104 - 36 - Overburden monitoring with muon detection - Joshua Flygare (Penn State University, United States)
0139 - 37 - New generation PIPS detector with improved efficiency for low energy beta counting - Sofie Put (Mirion Technologies, Belgium)
0183 - 38 - Determination of Neutron Flux Anisotropy from a Compact DT Generator and its Implications for Shielding Design - Manish Sharma (University of Michigan, USA)
0184 - 39 - A Monte-Carlo simulation on changes of the leakage radiation of X-ray Collimator by various thicknesses of lead shields - JaeHyuk Kim (Samsung Electronics Health and Medical Equipment Division, Rep of Korea)
0258 - 40 - The study of a small volume fast neutron source realized with the electrodisintegration reactions - Yigang Yang (Tsinghua University, China)
0350 - 41 - The ABALONE Photosensor Technology - Daniel Ferenc (University of California Davis, United States)
0368 - 42 - Fast Timing Micropattern gaseous detector (FTM) simulations for future colliders and medical applications - YASSER MAGHRBI (AUM, Kuwait)
0378 - 43 - Research and Development of Cold Neutron Microscope in China - Xiaodong Zhang (China Institute for Radiation Protection, China)
0440 - 44 - Investigating the Temperature Dependence in Organic Scintillator Detectors - Patricia Schuster (University of Michigan, United States)
0475 - 45 - Irradiation of avalanche photodiodes to achieve increased gain in signal output - Robert Zedric (Texas A and M University, USA)
0271 - 46 - On operational state classification of nuclear reactor facility by fusion of gaseous effluent measurements - Camila Ramirez (Oak Ridge National Laboratory, United States)
0309 - 47 - The development of an advanced airborne gamma-ray spectrometry system and its applications - Qifan Wu (Tsinghua University, China)
0360 - 48 - Development of innovative radiation detection and instrumentation techniques and assessment methods for Radiological Dispersive Device (RDD) - Alexander Rhoads (The Ohio State University, United States)
0405 - 49 - 40K Background Suppression in KSr2I5:Eu2+ Scintillators - Eric Lukosi Luko (University of Tennessee, US)
0237 - 50 - Design Optimization Studies for Hemispherical Rotational Modulation Collimator (H-RMC) - Jooyub Lee (Sejong University, Republic of Korea)
0457 - 51 - Study on Zinc Tungstate Crystals for Dark Matter Search - Shunsuke Kurosawa (Tohoku University and Yamagata University, Japan)
0187 - 53 - Development of high efficiency multi-element gaseous microdosimetric detector - Ye Eun Kim (McMaster University, Canada)
0302 - 54 - Automated Drones for Radiation Source Searching with Reinforcement Learning - Mark Kamuda (University of Illinois UIUC, United States of America)
0295 - 55 - Conversion Electron Probabilities of Emission Per Decay for Isotopic Analysis of Special Nuclear Material - Mara Watson (Clemson University, USA)
0351 - 56 - Energy Calibration of β/γ Events in Low Temperature Detection for Crystal-based Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay Experiment - Inwook Kim (Seoul National University, Korea)
0451 - 57 - Characterisation, Performance Assessment and Improvement of Small Anode Germanium (SAGe) Well Detector for Environmental Radio-assay Applications using Pulse Shape Analysis. - Otobong Thomas (University of Liverpool, United Kingdom)
BallroomAngela Di Fulvio
10:30-12:00 pmSpace and Nuclear Physics Applications
10:30 am - 0062*High Energy Photon Detectors in the Era of Gravitational-Wave Multi-Messenger Astronomy - Keith Riles (University of Michigan, USA)
10:50 am - 0420*High Resolution Mapping of Large-Area Pixelated CZT Detector Planes - Branden Allen (Harvard College Observatory, USA)
11:10 am - 0386Radiation Transport Calculations Supporting the Development of a Compton Imager for Planetary Science Gamma-ray Spectroscopy - James Tutt (LANL, USA)
11:25 am - 0081Time Projection Chamber (TPC) Detectors for Nuclear Astrophysics Studies With Gamma-Beams. - Moshe Gai (Univewrsity of Connecticut, USA)
11:40 am - 0411Next generation experiments with the Active Target Time Projection Chamber - Yassid Ayyad (LBNL, United States)
MendelssohnZhong He
10:30-12:00 pmScintillation Detectors III
10:30 am - 0169*Handheld Radioisotope Identification Detectors Employing Strontium Iodide and Gadolinium Garnet - Nerine Cherepy (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, US)
10:50 am - 0477Characterization of wavelength-shifted hygroscopic scintillators using dye-doped polymer films - Hayley Suitts (Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA)
11:05 am - 0400Gd based ceramic scintillators - Jarek Glodo (RMD, United States)
11:20 am - 0447Towards directional sensitivity to reactor antineutrinos with a segmented pulse shape discriminating (PSD) plastic scintillator detector - steven dazeley (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, usa)
11:35 am - 0333Development of LuAG Ceramic Scintillator for Future HEP Experiments - Chen Hu (California Institute of Technology, United States)
11:50 am - 0482Enhancing efficiency of semiconductor nuclear voltaic batteries with scintillators - Sha Xue (The Ohio State University, United States)
HusseyMarek Flaska
12:00-1:30 pmLunch Break
On Own
1:30-3:00 pmLiquid Detectors for Neutrino Detection and Gas Detectors for Nuclear Physics
1:30 pm - 0492*An overview of neutrino detection techniques (mostly at low energies) - Adam Bernstein (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA)
1:50 pm - 0083*Neutrino Detection in China - Guofu Cao (Institute of High Energy Physics, China)
2:10 pm - 0241Development of a gaseous proton-recoil detector for neutron flux measurements below 1 MeV neutron energy - Ludovic MATHIEU (CNRS, FRANCE)
2:25 pm - 0303Development of new micro-pattern gaseous detector for AT-TPC applications - Marco Cortesi (National Superconducting National Laboratory, USA)
2:40 pm - 0390Development of a Thick Gas Electron Multiplier based Beta-Ray Detector - Matthew Bernacci (McMaster University, Canada)
MendelssohnZhong He
1:30-3:00 pmRadiation Detection using Mobile/UAVs
1:30 pm - 0481Mobile Urban Radiation Search (MURS) - Joseph Curtis (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, United States)
1:45 pm - 0357Data Fusion for a Vision-Aided Radiological Detection System: Methods for Tracking Radiological Material - Kelsey Stadnikia (University of Florida, United States)
2:00 pm - 0180Flight Performance of the Advanced Radiation Detector for UAV Operations (ARDUO) - Carolyn Chen (Carleton University, Canada)
2:15 pm - 0189Autonomous Multi-Robot System for Detection and Localization of Radioactive Sources - John Bird (Virginia Tech, United States)
2:30 pm - 0396Spectral Methods to Detect and Quantify Airborne and Ground-Based Sources - Rebecca Detwiler (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA)
2:45 pm - 0429Demonstration of Correlations between Radiological Background Source Terms and Panoramic Video Collected from a Mobile Detector System - Mark Bandstra (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA)
HusseySimon Labov
3:00-3:30 pmCoffee Break
3:30-5:00 pmPlastic Scintillators (DNDO projects)
3:30 pm - 0103An Overview - Root Cause Analysis and Solutions for Plastic Gamma Detector Degradation in Radiation Portal Monitors (RPMs) - Alan Janos (DNDO DHS, USA)
3:45 pm - 0141Nature of Moisture-Induced Fogging Defects in Scintillator Plastic - Michael Lance (Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA)
4:00 pm - 0125Environmental Conditions Leading to Fogging in Scintillator Plastics - Nicholas Myllenbeck (Sandia National Laboratories, USA)
4:15 pm - 0059Predictive model of scintillator plastic fogging in portals - Stephen Payne (LLNL, USA)
4:30 pm - 0146Plastic scintillators stable for operating in wide ranges of humidity and temperature variations - Natalia Zaitseva (Lawrence Livermore National Lab, USA)
4:45 pm - 0098Investigations of Degradation and Encapsulation of Plastic Scintillator - Richard Kouzes (PNNL, USA)
MendelssohnDavid Wehe
3:30-5:00 pmActive Interrogation Techniques
3:30 pm - 0343*Review of Active Interrogation Techniques - Joseph Bendahan (Rapiscan Laboratories, US)
3:50 pm - 0204Cyclotron-based Multiple Monoenergetic Gamma Ray (MMGR) Radiography System for Special Nuclear Material Detection - Hin Lee (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United States)
4:05 pm - 0323Characterization of a deuteron-driven boron nitride source for use in active interrogation - Jason Nattress (University of Michigan, United States)
4:20 pm - 0138MV X-ray Compton Scatter Detection System - SHUANG CUI (University of Florida, United States)
4:35 pm - 0344Niowave X-ray Interrogation System - Valeriia Starovoitova (Niowave Inc, USA)
4:50 pm - 0487Laboratory demonstration of IED detection using a high flux neutron source - Daniel Cech (Phoenix LLC, USA)
HusseyNamdoo Moon