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Schedule for SORMA XVII

The following is a preliminary schedule of events for 2018.

The location is assumed to be at the Michigan League unless otherwise noted.

Michigan League building map

Day Time Title Location Chair
5:00-8:00 pmConference Registration
2nd Floor Concourse
6:00-8:00 pmOpening Reception
Light refreshments and appetizers will be served. Transportation to and from South Ann Arbor hotels will be available by University Buses.
Hussey, Vandenberg, and Garden
7:30-5:00 pmConference Registration
2nd Floor Concourse
8:30-8:45 amWelcome!
Introduction by David Wehe
Rackham Auditorium David Wehe
8:45-9:45 amPlenary I - Dark Matter Search and Liquid Xenon Detector Development
Professor Elena Aprile, Columbia University
Dark matter search and liquid xenon detector development
Rackham Auditorium David Wehe
9:45-10:45 amPlenary II - Modernizing the IAEA verification instrumentation
Alain LeBrun, IAEA
Rackham Auditorium Zhong He
10:45-11:00 amCoffee Break
11:00-12:00 pmPlenary III - FRIB: The Path to Scientific Discovery
Professor Witold Nazarewicz, Michigan State University
Rackham Auditorium David Wehe
12:00-1:30 pmLunch Break
On Own
1:30-3:00 pmScintillation Detectors I
MendelssohnDavid Wehe
1:30-3:00 pmParticle/Photon Cancer Therapy, and Other Medical Imaging Applications
HusseyLing-Jian Meng
3:00-4:00 pmPoster I - New Radiation Detectors
BallroomMark Hammig
4:00-5:30 pmSemiconductor Detectors I
MendelssohnAlan Janos
4:00-5:30 pmNeutron Facility, Characterization, Detectors and Generators
HusseyMark Wrobel
6:00-9:00 pmConference Reception
Refreshments, dinner, and dessert will be served. Primarily a standing meal. Transportation back to South Ann Arbor Hotels will be available.
University of Michigan Museum of Art
7:30-5:00 pmConference Registration
2nd Floor Concourse
8:00-9:30 amNeutron Detectors II
MendelssohnDonny Hornback
8:00-9:30 amPET, SPECT and Other Medical Imaging Techniques
HusseyKanai Shah
9:30-10:30 amPoster II - Radiation Measurement Techniques
BallroomShaun Clarke
10:30-12:00 pmRoom-Temperature Semiconductor Detectors
MendelssohnMarc Black
10:30-12:00 pmAlgorithms and Modeling
HusseySara Pozzi
12:00-1:30 pmLunch Break
On Own
1:30-3:00 pmInorganic Scintillation Detectors
MendelssohnIgor Jovanovic
1:30-3:00 pmGamma-Ray Imaging Systems
HusseyKai Vetter
3:00-4:00 pmPoster III - Medical and Environmental Applications
BallroomPatricia Schuster
4:00-5:30 pmNonproliferation, Safeguards, and Homeland Security
MendelssohnSara Pozzi
4:00-5:30 pmDetector Electronics and Signal Processing
HusseyGianluigi De Geronimo
6:00-9:00 pmConference Dinner
Refreshments, dinner, and dessert will be served. Transportation back to South Ann Arbor Hotels will be available.
Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation The Spirit of Henry Ford
7:30-5:00 pmConference Registration
2nd Floor Concourse
8:00-9:30 amNonproliferation, National and Homeland Security Applications
MendelssohnZhong He
8:00-9:30 amUnconventional Radiation Detectors and Techniques
HusseyIgor Jovanovic
9:30-10:30 amPoster IV - Physics, Security Applications, and Signal Processing
BallroomAngela Di Fulvio
10:30-12:00 pmSpace and Nuclear Physics Applications
MendelssohnZhong He
10:30-12:00 pmScintillation Detectors III
HusseyMarek Flaska
12:00-1:30 pmLunch Break
On Own
1:30-3:00 pmLiquid Detectors for Neutrino Detection and Gas Detectors for Nuclear Physics
MendelssohnZhong He
1:30-3:00 pmRadiation Detection using Mobile/UAVs
HusseySimon Labov
3:00-3:30 pmCoffee Break
3:30-5:00 pmPlastic Scintillators (DNDO projects)
MendelssohnDavid Wehe
3:30-5:00 pmActive Interrogation Techniques
HusseyNamdoo Moon