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Schedule From SORMAXV

This is not the current schedule.

The SORMA XVII Schedule for 2018 has now been published.

For your reference, here is the schedule from SORMAXV in 2014.

Michigan League building map

Day Time Title Location Chair
5:00-8:00 pmConference Registration
2nd Floor Concourse
6:00-9:00 pmMemorial Service for Prof. Glenn F. Knoll
BallroomDavid Wehe
6:00-8:00 pmOpening Reception
Light refreshments and appetizers will be served. Transportation to and from North Campus hotels only by University buses.
Hussey / Michigan League Garden
7:30-5:00 pmConference Registration
2nd Floor Concourse
8:30-8:45 amWelcome
Introduction by general chair
Rackham AuditoriumDavid Wehe
8:45-9:45 amPlenary I - Atomic and Nuclear Radiation Physics
Rackham AuditoriumZhong He
9:45-10:30 amPlenary II - History of the Bubble Chamber and Active-Target Imaging Detectors
Rackham AuditoriumFred Becchetti
10:30-10:45 amDNDO Special Awards Ceremony
Rackham AuditoriumAlan Janos
10:45-11:00 amCoffee Break
Rackham Lobby
11:00-12:00 pmPlenary III - Imaging Challenges in Proton Beam Therapy
Rackham AuditoriumNeal Clinthorne
12:00-1:30 pmLunch
On Own
1:30-3:00 pmScintillation Detectors I - Gamma-ray Detectors
Gamma-ray Detectors
Alumni CenterDavid Wehe
1:30-3:00 pmMedical Applications I - Radiation Imaging
Radiation Imaging (SPECT, PET, etc.)
VandenburgNeal Clinthorne
3:00-4:00 pmPosters I - New Radiation Detectors
New scintillator and semiconductor detector materials
BallroomMark Hammig
4:00-5:30 pmAT-TPCs for Exotic Beams and Dark Matter Searches
Alumni CenterFred Becchetti
4:00-5:30 pmRoom Temperature Semiconductor Materials
CZT, TlBr, Li_6_InSe, etc.
HusseyAlan Janos
4:00-5:30 pmSilicon Detectors and Photon Readouts
SiPM, SSPM, etc.
VandenburgGeehyun Kim
6:00-9:00 pmConference Reception and Tour
Strolling dinner reception, refreshments, and dessert provided. Transportation provided from the Michigan League to the Football Stadium. Return trip will take guests to North Campus hotels and Michigan League. Plenty of free parking for those wishing to drive themselves.
UM football stadium, the Big House
8:00-9:30 amScintillation Detectors II - Ceramic and New Organics
Ceramic & New Organics
Alumni CenterSara Pozzi
8:00-9:30 amMedical Applications II - Radiation Therapy and Nuclear Medicine
Radiation Therapy and Nuclear Medicine
VandenburgNeal Clinthorne
9:30-10:30 amPosters II - Radiation Measurement Techniques
BallroomMark Hammig
10:30-12:00 pmRoom Temperature Semiconductor Detectors
Alumni CenterMarc Black
10:30-12:00 pmRadiation Detection Algorithms and Modeling
VandenburgSara Pozzi
12:00-1:30 pmLunch
On Own
1:30-3:00 pmGamma-Ray and Neutron Imaging Systems
Alumni CenterDavid Wehe
1:30-3:00 pmScintillation Detectors III - Neutron-sensitive Detectors
Neutron-sensitive Detectors
VandenburgClair Sullivan
3:00-4:00 pmPosters III - Physics & Security Applications and Signal Processing
BallroomNeal Clinthorne
4:00-5:30 pmNonproliferation, Safeguards, and Homeland Security I
Alumni CenterMark Wrobel
4:00-5:30 pmDetector Electronics and Signal Processing
VandenburgZhong He
6:00-9:00 pmDinner Reception and Museum Tour
Dinner, refreshments, and dessert will be served. Primarily a standing meal. Transportation back to North Campus hotels only by University buses.
University of Michigan Museum of Art
8:00-9:30 amNonproliferation, Safeguards, and Homeland Security II
Alumni CenterZhong He
8:00-9:30 amUnconventional Radiation Detectors - Superconducting and Cryogenic Micro-calorimeters
Unconventional Radiation Detectors - Superconducting and Cryogenic Micro-calorimeters
VandenburgFred Becchetti
9:30-10:30 amPosters IV - Medical & Environmental Applications
BallroomMark Hammig
10:30-12:00 pmNeutron Detectors I - Gas and Semiconductor Detectors
Gas and Semiconductor Detectors
Alumni CenterDavid Wehe
10:30-12:00 pmSpace Applications
VandenburgAnn Parsons
12:00-1:30 pmLunch
On Own
1:30-3:00 pmActive Interrogation Techniques
Alumni CenterNamdoo Moon
1:30-3:00 pmLow Energy Exotic Beam Facilities
VandenburgFred Becchetti
3:00-3:30 pmCoffee Break
3:30-5:30 pmContemporary Topics & Closing Announcement
Followed by Closing Announcements
Alumni CenterDavid Wehe
3:30-5:30 pmNeutron Detectors II - Neutron Spectroscopy without Time-of-Flight
Neutron Spectroscopy without Time-of-Flight
VandenburgFred Becchetti